About NeuroModeler

NeuroModeler is a RF/microwave oriented software tool, to help you to quickly develop neural models for active and passive components at both device and circuit-levels for linear or nonlinear simulations. It is the first and only software that allows your RF/microwave knowledge to be integrated with neural network learning. The software is written for typical RF/Microwave designers who are not neural network experts but would like to immediately get started with this new technology.
A complimentary version of NeuroModeler is available for download from this site. Please fill in the License Request Form to get access to the download area.

 NEW! NeuroModeler 1.5

Benefit from an emerging technology right away and build Neural Models for RF/Microwave design

Highlights of Features:
  • Neural Network Structures: MLP, RBF, KBNN, Space Mappings, PKI, Hybrid Models, Hierarchical Neural Networks.
  • Visual Editor (create and edit your models with a click of a mouse)
  • Internal circuit simulator (simulate your circuits from inside NeuroModeler)
  • Complex algebraic expressions evaluator: Supports multiple equations, built-in functions, if-then-else statements and more
  • Training Algorithms: Backpropagation, Conjugate Gradient, QuasiNewton, Huber-QuasiNewton, Simplex, Genetic Algorithm, Simulated Annealing
  • Comprehensive library of neuron functions
  • Import and export data formats
  • Export neural model to matlab, c, java, excel spreadsheets
  • and more

Visual Editor screenshot

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